Friday, 28 August 2015

Learn the Language of Vaping

Vaping Glossary of TermsIf you’re new to vaping, or if you’re thinking of making the big switch from cigarettes to what we consider to be a better choice, there’s some terminology you’re going to need to know. Here are 18 catch phrases to boost your vaping vernacular now.

ANTZ – Anti nicotine tobacco zealots. You already know these people, they’re the ‘reformed smokers’ and their friends who preach the dangers of nicotine and tobacco. They’re also determined to undermine the rights of those who vape.

Atomizer (Atty for short) – This is the working part of a vaping device that converts e-liquid or juice to the vapour you inhale.

ADV (All Day Vape) – This is your go-to e-juice – the one you rely on to get you through your day.

B&M – This is a Bricks and Mortar vape store. These are beginning to spring up here and there, but isn’t it just easier to order your supplies online at Vapor Jedi?

Blank – An empty cartomizer that you fill with your fave e-juice.

Cartomizer – It’s a cartridge and atomizer combined, usually inexpensive and disposable – also known as a carto.

CASAA – Consumer Advocates for Smokeless Alternatives. This is a non-profit organization that campaigns for the rights of vapers. Please join and donate if you’re able.

Hit or Throat Hit – The sensation a vaper gets when inhaling.

Cigalike (cute name, right?) This is that cheap white fake ‘cigarette’ that’s for sale at your local convenience store. ‘Nuff said.

Dry Puff/Burn/Hit – Nasty, yuck, just yuck! It happens when there’s not enough e-juice in your atomizer. It will teach you to keep your juice topped up!

E-Juice or E-Liquid – This is the liquid that is vaporized when using an electronic cigarette. It comes in many wonderful ‘flavours’ – everything from Vanilla Cupcake to Menthol Tobacco.

Flooding – A gurgling sound plus diminished vapour equals too much e-liquid in your atomizer.

MG Strength – Milligram strength per millilitre (ml).  The percentage of nicotine contained within the e-liquid. For example, 8mg is 8mg of nicotine per ml = 0.8% nicotine. You’ll find what works for you.

Noob – A new vaper. You’ll only be one for about a week, vaping isn’t rocket science!

NRT – Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Vaping is now considered to be a successful component of NRT.

PV or Personal Vaporizer. It’s just another name for an Electronic Cigarette.

Stick Style – Any electronic cigarette that resembles   a traditional cigarette.

Sweet Spot – A satisfying vape.  To get it, you need a combination of these variables – voltage, wattage, resistance, and the flashpoint of the e-juice. Experience will lead you to it!

So … this list should get you started. Soon you’ll be a pro vaper – mixing your own e-juice flavours, eyeing new PV’s and buying them because they match your shoes or purse. Enjoy!


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    • Now, the puff of water vapor reaches the mouth and then, similarly we exhale a cloud of water quickly through out of mouth.
    Vapor produce very less amount of smoke. And less production of smoke is not harm for our health.

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