Monday, 14 September 2015

So Many E-juice Flavours, So Little Time!

e-Juice flavoursJesse has been vaping for over two years now. We asked her about her favourite e-juice flavours, and how she chooses them.

"When I first started vaping, I thought I'd want tobacco flavoured e-juice. I was buying online, so I checked the customer reviews and chose one I thought I'd probably like. I also ordered a mint e-juice, figuring I could mix it with the tobacco flavour if I wanted to, to create menthol. My friends managed to persuade me to order a 'fun' flavour, despite my insistence that I wouldn't like it. I ordered Banana Bread and guess what – it turned out to be my favourite!"

Jesse did a lot of things right when she was selecting her beginner e-juice flavours. Her first choice was a tobacco flavour because she was giving up cigarettes in favour of vaping, and she didn't want to miss the taste she was used to. Before ordering, she read customer reviews and asked her vaping friends for their recommendations. She also realized she could mix e-juice flavours and blends, so she chose a mint e-juice to compliment the tobacco flavour.

When Jesse realized the tobacco flavour she ordered wasn't what she really wanted, she traded it with a friend for an equal amount of Double Chocolate e-liquid, mixed a bit of her Mint with that, and created Peppermint Patty!

Mix 'n Match Dozens of Flavours

E-juices are generally divided into several flavour categories – Dessert and Bakery, Candy, Fruit, Drinks (including Cocktails) and Mints. Remember you can mix and match any and all e-liquid flavours, so when you order Strawberry and Vanilla, blend them and you've got Strawberry Shortcake! How about Cherry and Cola e-liquids to make Cherry Coke, or Chocolate and Coffee e-juices to create your own Mocha Latte!

As you can see, the possibilities are endless, and that's why vaping is so much more creative and fun than smoking regular cigarettes, to say nothing about being healthier. Jesse told us she has tried several cocktail flavours and is currently on a Pina Colada kick.

Choose smaller trial size e-liquids at first. If you like one, order the larger size next time. Ask your vaping friends to share their e-juice with you so you can try new flavours before ordering. Ask your supplier what's popular and what's new. Above all, be adventurous and open to new e-juice flavours and combinations. Have fun and enjoy!


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  3. Before ordering, she read customer reviews and asked her vaping friends for their recommendations. She also realized she could mix e-juice flavours and blends, so she chose a mint e-juice to compliment the tobacco flavour.
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  4. I quit cold turkey 5 years ago my wife hasn't been able to. she started vaping 2 months ago and ha not smoked since. now she does not smell like an ashtray it's more fun o kss her again, and she likes the different flavors she can get. she is stepping down the nic level by diluting with non nic so it is gradual and that is working for her. for kids? not with nicotine in it but they are going to follow peer pressure. I have met many who vape and use 0% juice and are happy. even though I have been quit for so long I still miss the cloud and even having something in my hand to fidget with when around friends drinking and chatting.

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