Tuesday, 19 January 2016

STUDY: Ecigarette Vapor Affects Driving

Driving and vapingEcigarettes get a lot of attention in the media about their perceived health risks. However, one thing that has received little attention, until now, is how vaping can potentially impact a person's ability to drive.

Ejuice Could Impact Your Motor Skills

A new study from Yale University has found that ejuice with a high level of alcohol content can impact your motor skills, including impairing your ability to drive.

"They didn't actually know they were under the influence of alcohol," said Dr. Mehmet Sofuoglu, a professor at the Yale School of Medicine who co-authored the study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence. "It still influenced their performance."

In fact, a number of the study participants ingest enough alcohol through their ecigs that it was detected in their urine, even though they didn't feel the effects of being buzzed.

Even though participants didn't have enough alcohol in their system to be charged with a DUI if they were to be pulled over by police, it does raise questions about the impact vaping can have on driving.

Study Results

One of the eye opening facts that researchers found was that "of 31 such e-liquids obtained by the Yale researchers for their study, about one-third didn't have any measurable alcohol in them, a paper on the study noted. Almost 40 percent had 0.75 percent or less alcohol content. And another 23 percent had alcohol levels of 1 to 3 percent," says Dan Mangan on CNBC. However, there was one eliquid had 23.5 percent alcohol content – as much as many alcoholic beverage.

The second major takeaway from the study was that when people drink alcohol, they are aware of the impact it is having on them. They feel the buzz. But this was not the case when it comes to vaping.

"In this study, they had motor impairment," said Sofuoglu, "but they didn't know they were intoxicated." Therefore, it's important to be conscious of the type of eliquid you are using.

Key Takeaways from the Study

Whether you are drinking alcohol, smoking weed, or vaping, it is up to you to do so responsibly. Here are some things to keep in mind before vaping:

  • Pay attention to the alcohol content in your ejuice
  • Refrain from driving if you plan to vape elquid with high levels of alcohol content
  • Pay attention to how various ejuice flavours impact your motor skills
  • Avoid vaping and driving – it is a physical and mental distraction

Following these tips will ensure that if you do plan to drive after vaping, you are doing so responsibly.

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